Monday, May 22, 2017

The return of 'Twin Peaks' has been amazing, so far.

There are plenty of hot takes and think pieces out there covering the first couple episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return, so I won’t ad to the pile. I’m really just enjoying allowing the show to wash over me.

A word of advice to fans and new arrivals: don’t call the show “slow.” It’s moving at it’s own pace. And it definitely does not feel beholden to make too much solid sense of previous continuity questions. And, honestly, if you don’t dig it, don’t watch it. It isn’t for everyone: don’t feel bad!

The new season feels far more like a David Lynch movie, than David Lynch exploring the medium of television, which is a big difference from the last time he directed the show for TV.

I am loving that Lynch wrote and directed every episode—it’s offering the show a surreal continuity, and while I don’t expect firm answers to ever come from the guy, I do feel like he has a firm vision of just what he wants this run to be. And I am in for the long haul!

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