Friday, June 12, 2020

I'm still here...

I avoided posting much this week. There are other and more important things to worry about, and confront, and change, and fix. But I'm still here and as O.K. as anyone else who has a conscience and is just battered and horrified by the world around all of us right now. I do take a small amount of solace in the fact that maybe, just maybe, this time we'll all keep up the pressure to institute real and systemic change when it comes to addressing racism. It certainly feels different to me, this time around. And that gives me hope—but we all need to stay vigilant. That doesn't mean we have no time, or it's some sign of laziness that we might want, to hear about good things or new bands or movies or books, or any of the other stuff that honestly seems pretty irrelevant right now. I firmly believe art is a most excellent "distraction" in these times, especially since that "distraction" often helps us make sense of the world around us. But, like I said, these things should offer us comfort without dulling our passion to implement real, lasting change.

I do feel incredibly hopeful about our prospects for success, but I also fear this may be our last chance to get things done before we slide irrevocably into a deeper, darker, and more chaotic abyss.

So we ALL need to keep at it and not give up!

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