Monday, June 15, 2020

You're gonna love The Sounds' 'Things We Do For Love,' I betcha!

It seems almost fitting that The Sounds' first album since 2013 should be launched into the world during the grey area that is new music releases during our pandemic times. I say fitting because The Sounds have always existed in an area that, to me, always felt just outside "the normal." In a "normal" world these Swedes would be a globally dominant music force, based on their outstanding output of consistently hook-filled, rock-tinged dance floor anthems. But here we are, in 2020, and for a while I had a hard time even finding links to where you can actually buy their latest album, Things We Do For Love.

That just isn't fair. But the world isn't fair and here I am, again championing a band that should need no help from a pleb like me to get the word out about them.

So instead of convincing you about why you need The Sounds in your life right now, I'm just going to appeal to your inner laziness and simply urge you to click on the player below, and don't hit stop until the album's end.*

It's at this point I predict you will be as upset by The Sounds still being a band adored on the margins when they should be conquering the mainstream. But here we are.

*The fact I'm including a Spotify embed given my personal hesitation to use that platform except when absolutely necessary should give you an idea of how much I want you to listen to this album!

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