Friday, October 29, 2021

Maggie Gently gives you a first taste of 'Peppermint.'

Maggie Gently’s debut LP Peppermint won't be out until sometime early next year, but she recently released the album's first single, "Hold My Hand."* 

More on Peppermint at a later date, but chugging guitars and Gently's sweet yet strong vocals propel "Hold My Hand," while the lyrics pop and sparkle as they investigate the stirrings of affection as the protagonist slowly grows comfortable with their own romantic feelings for another. 

I love how the song follows the short journey from two eyes furtively catching each other's stare from across a room, to the narrator's final refrain of "No, I’m not afraid to tell you everything I’m feeling now." It's a song about falling in love and unlocking that kind of freedom with another human being. 

And it hits hard these days. I could certainly use more tales like this to help get me through these trying times!

The video is above for the more visually inclined, but if you wanna add "Hold My Hand" to your collection, you can snag it below as well.

*Yes, when you read that song title, you immediately thought of Hootie And The Blowfish, didn't you? You want to say The Beatles, but it was Hootie. Admit it!)

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