Wednesday, February 27, 2008

C'mon folks ... let's be honest. There really is very little difference, so stop fighting about it before it's too late.

C'mon folks ... let's be honest. There really is very little difference, so stop fighting about it before it's too late.

I was thinking about Obama and Hillary again this morning, and have to admit I'm pretty amused by folks that choose Obama because he practices some sort of different set of politics.


Both candidates are beholden to special interest groups and both have some pretty shady charachters lurking in their past. Both candidates have gone negative, in both debates AND campaign ads. Hell, both have almost identical stances on every single issue!

So what does it break down to?

Well, Obama has charisma. LOTS of charisma. The dude got an audience to cheer when he blew his nose! You have to admit, that's pretty fucking impressive. Plus, even though he's been around a while, most of his experience is on the community level, so he's relatively new on the national scene, and therefore untarnished in the eyes of much of the Democratic voting constituency. On the flip side, the man has the momentum now, but when it comes time to start convincing voters on the other side of the aisle they should pick him, his charm isn't going to be as important to them as his policies ... and his lack of real-world political experience is going to hurt him in most Republican voters' eyes.

And what does Hillary have? Experience? Yes, but that experience is also tempered by a long national hangover regarding the drama-filled years of the last Clinton presidency. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Bill Clinton and would vote him back in office in a second, but anyone old enough to remember can't forget that is was the republican's hatred of the Clintons that drew the party together into the mightily impressive force they were until George W squandered all that political capital amidst a flurry of bombs bursting in midair. Hillary would make a great president, but I don't think the public perception of her past is going to let her.*

So, yesterday, I came to a chilling realization: A Democrat isn't going to be president next year, John McCain will be.

Even with the world going to hell, in the face of an election that is theirs to lose, the Democrats are going to blow it. Democrats are so busy singlemindedly fighting over, and tearing apart, their own two candidates, that by the time November rolls around, neither will be electable in Middle America due to the tenacity of the two warring, and might I add tragically myopic, camps.


*And how ironic is it that the man that probably killed her campaign starting in South Carolina is also one of the greatest natural politicians, well, ever?

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