Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An open letter from Betty the Beagle to our neighbors.

An open letter from Betty the Beagle to our neighbors.

I shot my across the hall neighbors and update on Betty earlier, and then sent another friend of mine who lives in the building a similar message (with a little more background) , so Betty looked at those, combined them, and turned them into this. I now turn the floor over to Betty the Beagle.

Hi my-so-far-most-understanding neighbors,
I don't know how much of my barking has been filtering out to your apartment, but I figured I'd bring you up to speed. Friday my dad dropped a couple hundred bucks to get my full blood work done --- and I don't mind telling you that for once I was VERY well-behaved while they drew the sample from me! -- so we could look into the possibility of some sort of medication for me since, according to him, my "separation anxiety has been so out of control."

The good news is that my blood work came back and I am in 100% tip-top shape! After a long discussion with my vet, my dad and she decided that medication is probably the best bet for me right now, while we work with other things to try and help get me adjusted..

Usually they would put someone like me on an anti-anxiety pill that takes 2 weeks to go into effect, but due to the "severity of my problem" (my dad said the vet said, "Really, she barks for 8 to 12 hours straight?!" and you bet your little butt I can when I'm unhappy about something!) they're going to start me on both Xanax and an anti-anxiety drug.

Hopefully this should help me adjust better to my new home and give you -- and everyone else in the building -- some peace. There might be a day or so while we make sure the initial dosage is correct so please be patient ... and if it doesn't work please let my dad know!

I wish I knew the other tenants so I could bring them up to speed too. I really am very lovable when not freaking out and barking my little head off!

Lotsa love and lotsa licks,
Betty the Beagle

P.S. Hopefully this will do the trick. When my dad got the prescription for Xanax from the pharmacist they couldn't believe it was for a little 34-pound pup like me ... apparently the dosage I take would knock most humans out, but apparently my little body processes this stuff differently. O.K., I have to go, I'm feeling a little sleeeepy...

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