Tuesday, February 12, 2008

iPod woes.

iPod woes.

So poor little tankPOD 2006 seems to be getting sick. Whenever In try to sync it up with iTunes at work, the little "Do Not Disconnect" screen freezes and I can't reboot it or anything, and just have to wait for it to run out its own battery before starting it up again. Luckily I have the little original diPOD as a back-up, but it'll be a pain DJing with it and the other diPOD 2006 while I save up money in case I need to replace tankPOD 2006.

Wait, that's a lot of "___PODs" isn't it? Maybe we need a legend to keep things straight.

Tankboy's legacy of iPods:
tankPOD - the original 3rd Gen iPod that started it all for me (06/2003)
diPOD - 4th generation iPod given me by Lielli so I could stop using CDs or records when DJing (2005?)
tankPOD 2006 - 5th generation iPod bought for myself as a Christmas present (12/2006)
diPOD 2006 - ibid, including funds donated by my mom and Photogal (12/2006)
tankPOD Touch - the iTouch I recently got as a holiday present from my job (12/2007)

Hmmm, that's a lot of iPods through the years, huh? And tankPOD 2006 is the very first one that's been acting up at all! Maybe he's just not feeling well and will snap back into shape soon? Let's hope so.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF TECHNOLOGY or UNRELATED CHILD-PROOFING QUESTION: Betty the Beagle knows how to open even my new refrigerator, and unlike my old place, I can't gate off the kitchen. Are there any simple, easy-to-install locks or guards or barriers for refrigerator doors? I'm guessing readers who have kids might know the answer to this one? Or readers with super-smart, extremely lovable, but big ol' pain in the ass sometimes beagles?

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