Monday, December 22, 2008

Mister Freeze has come to town.

Mister Freeze has come to town.

It just looks like a wasteland frozen in time outside. When temperatures drop down to below zero Fahrenheit before factoring in wind chill on a blustery day you know than Mother Nature is not fucking around. You realize just how insanely cold it is when your beagle can't even make it up the stairs because she's shivering so bad forcing you to bundle her up in your coat and carry her up three treacherous flights of iced stairs. Your apartment just won't seem to heat up even though the thermostat is near 80 degrees and your bedroom is the worst since you suspect that the drafts shooting across your floor are the result of the structural damage the building suffered when their was a fire in the apartment below a few years ago. Plus, your bedroom faces about 6 blocks of unobstructed air space so those winds do a fie job of pummeling your face of the building and creating a nice chillbox effect.

Look, we Midwesterners are used to this -- and I know our friends to the north deal with even colder temps more regularly, so forgive me me if you are from such a locale and consider this whining -- but this is ridiculous!

Photo by lbanks27

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