Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy weekend!

Busy weekend!

Two big gigs this weekend! First off, after CSS plays Metro this Sunday, head downstairs to Smart Bar and join me and Rudy as we DJ the after party! I am VERY EXCITED about this since it's my first time DJing at Smart Bar. You know how all local bands are stoked the first time they ever get to play Metro? Well, Smart Bar is the DJ equivalent of that. We start at 10 and will keep the party rocking until 4. I know it's a Sunday night but I would LOVE it if we got a lot of people in there and made it a night to remember. Or at least a night to piece back together the next day.

ADDED INCENTIVE: Cheap beer and FREE PIZZA! Woo hoo!

Tonight the boys in Big Science asked me to DJ after their EP release party at Hideout. I know there's a whole lot going on tonight but if you don't have any plans I highly recommend stopping by to catch their set and then stick around and dance to tunes selected by me and JB afterward. I saw these guys open for OFFICE a few months ago and they immediately won me over with the hard rockin' tunes with a slight new-wave edge.

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