Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's party like it's 1997!

Let's party like it's 1997!

In the music world we seemed to have moved on from the '80s and are now experiencing a '90s resurgence. Time filters memories in a really funny way. For instance, some of my friends threw an '80s prom earlier this week and I really wanted to attend to see how folks that either weren't alive or couldn't possibly remember that decade would end up interpreting it.

Trust me, the '80s were NOT what you usually think they were. People see John Hughes movies and I think it skews the memory since he was a filmmaker who was actually cool, so if you want to know how people really dressed throw in Back To School for a reality check. It wasn't all neon. It wasn't all parachute pants. And if you went out skiing the slopes looked nothing like they do in the (hilarious) fantasy that is Hot Tub Time Machine.

And it's much the same with the '90s; a decade whose earlier years are now more than ripe enough to fully classify for inclusion on a classic rock station, much to my (aging) horror. I've been to a couple '90s nights and am truly surprised at what people remember as good time tunes. I get it, I'm old. And the kids can love what they wanna love. And any griping from me can be easily equated to an aging boomer all pissed off that the kids have co-opted their shitty hippie tunes and a soundtrack to smoke dope to instead of a call to revolution. I guess this doesn't really bother me as much as it makes me realize that time's filter is something none of us can control. To me the '90s will always be about the promise of an indie revolution that failed and to others it will simply be the Now That's What I Call Alternative Rock NOW With Awesome Hip-Hop! years.

So hey kids, DON'T get off my lawn. Let's break out the boomboxes, you groove to my memories of the '90s and you can give me deeper insight to that decade through yours.

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