Thursday, March 17, 2011

Staycation daze.

Staycation daze.

At the 9-to-5, folks on my team (including me) tend to forget to use our vacation days throughout the year. last year I actually lost vacation days because I just couldn't use them all, and everyone can't just take the month of June off together, so I'm trying to use a day here and a day there so I use 'em all up. Tomorrow is one of those days!

Here is what I'm looking forward to, schedule-wise:
  • Wake up
  • Go to the gym
  • Watch The Larry Sanders Show
  • (Actually have to work for an hour)
  • Watch The Larry Sanders Show
  • Go to Kuma's
  • Go to Lockdown
  • Go crazy
It's gonna be a good day.


Gage1 said...

sounds like a damn good schedule to me!

Tankboy said...

Of course I now realize I left out "beef induced coma post-Kuma's."

Next time you're in Chicago hit me up and I'll introduce you to the wonders of Kuma's (even more wondrous when such a hamburger/beef heavy place ALSO caters to vegetarian tastes!).