Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's Wednesday?

It's Wednesday?

Is it Wednesday, right? For a second I woke up and thought it was Tuesday. It's already been that kind of week. And it may have been a little quiet around these parts but that certainly doesn't mean I've been silent! For instance just yesterday I wrote about Ke$ha's recent show in Chicago though I, sadly, have no decent photos of her because there was no photo pit and I had to shoot from the back of the room with no telephoto lens. Oh well.

In other news I am playing Claychella this Saturday. I don't know when but I would guess I have an early afternoon DJ slot, so come by since you can't complain I'm DJing too late!

Also, have you met my new drinking buddy?

Finally, my awesome friends Scott and Erin just welcomed what is suer to be a doubly awesome baby girl into the world. Did I mention I DJed their first "date?" That means I am eligible to take all the credit for the creation of their awesome little girl, right? Right? Is this thing on?


Mich said...

Ugh, you have to show the world our ugly Betty couch?! It's going to be gone soon people! As soon as our new sofa arrives!

Tankboy said...

You can't tell how beat up it is in the high contrast!