Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

Have you ever noticed that illness seems to creep up on you whenever you have any vacation time coming up? I have Friday off and of course yesterday my throat started to tickle and today I can feel my sinuses swelling. And now I can't sleep. And a wise man once said, "What is the deal with that?"

So, since it's hours before even this early riser is usually up, and I don't feel like stringing along coherent sentences at this point, how about I take this chance to remind you off all the other cool places you can hear / read my blathering?

Well, you're here, so you have the longstanding blog (or the RSS feed for the longstanding blog) covered. I'm probably second busiest in 140 characters or less (none of that "extended entry" crap for me, defeats the purpose!) in the land of Twitter, a place I fill with smart aleck remarks and useful links. (And even if you ain't a member, you can still subscribe to my Twitter RSS feed.)

If you're looking for quick quotes, pictures and video that I run across but don't usually post here -- think an attention span somewhere between this place and the Twitters -- then you should be visiting my Tumblr. Good stuff in there, I swear.

Want to know what items I'm reading that I don't have time to write about or link to or quote but want to share with the world by simply ticking a small box? Then my Shared Google Reader page is just for you! Because you can never get too much Tankboy-approved information streams into your life.

And finally, your one-stop shop for my "serious" musical and arts related musings (as well as excellent source for all news, period) is Chicagoist! Read early and often!

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