Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning a house into a home.

Turning a house into a home.

We’ve been in our coach house about a year and a half now, and it’s slowly growing ever cozier. Interior decorating has never been my strong suit and I’ve never really cared much about it one way or another. When GalPal met me I lived in a two-bedroom apartment by myself and while I had a bed in the bedroom and a couch in the family room and a table in the kitchen almost everything else I owned was shoved in the extra bedroom in boxes on bookshelves and on CD or DVD racks. In fact it wasn’t until GalPal had been dating me a few months that she even realized I had a second bedroom, when she said, “I WONDERED where all your stuff was! I kept thinking for a guy who writes about music and supposedly listens to so much and like reading and reads so much there was noting in your apartment to show for it. It’s like you were living like a serial killer or something.”*

When we moved in the coach house GalPal had a list of things she wanted to accomplish to make the place feel like a true home both inside and out. Slowly she’s made progress – painting, rearranging, planting, decorating – but today I feel we’ve made the largest leap yet; our new couch has arrived.

Our old couch was a gift to me by a close friend, and while it perfectly served its purposes when I was single and just needed something to watch TV from and occasionally make out upon. However once a second person entered my life on a regular (read: living with me) basis it proved to be too small to allow two people to comfortably lounge upon. Perfect for late night make out sessions, but not so good for extended periods of snuggling.

So for the last year and half GalPal and I have wanted a new couch. And for the last six months, finally able to afford it, we were actively shopping for one. And six weeks ago we found the perfect one – wide, and soft and big enough to allow us to lounge together or apart and both still fit on the couch – and ordered it. And today our perfect couch arrived.

And today our house took its biggest step towards becoming a true home yet.

Hey, I do like Genesis and Huey Lewis and the News, but C'MON!


cc said...

Ooooh. I had a high quality futon as a sofa for years but it finally bit the dust and now my apartment has been couch free for nearly a year. Whenever I see people get new furniture I get really envious and that sofa. I see the magic of that sofa:)

TC said...

couch looks GOOD!

Tankboy said...

Thanks to both of you!

TheFeministBreeder said...

That looks very much like the couch that John and I first bought together. A month later - Jonas was conceived upon that very piece of furniture.

Keep track of all your swimmers from here on out. One gesture of domesticity can lead your biological clock down a path of more and more domesticity until one day you're sitting here reading your friend's blog with (almost) three kids hanging off you.

Or something like that. :)

Tankboy said...

Don't you worry Gina, I've got all my little swimmers on lockdown! No need for any tiny Tankboys wandering around ... yet.