Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You'll let me down and that's OK.

You'll let me down and that's OK.

I woke up this morning to find I had broken my glasses. I must have fallen asleep on theme and popped one of the lenses out. It wasn't a disaster, after some careful re-bending and careful manipulation of aging frames I was able to pop the lens back in, but it made me realize that it might be time to replace them. I depend on familiar objects for too long, I think. I reckon if I show them love and respect that they'll do the same for me, and that leads me to often utilize them well past their expiration date. Those tennis shoes I love drive everyone around me nuts because they squeak, but they're so comfortable! I have t-shirts that I love wearing but GalPal cringes over every time I put one on.

I think this is an extension of my own personal philosophy; I 'm always willing to give folks I care about 110% of myself (and often willing to give folks i don't care about at least 105% of myself) so I kind of expect the same in return, even from inanimate objects. Is this a fair assumption? Of course not. I'll even go so far as positing it might be a tad unhealthy since it betrays an idealism that simply can't be fulfilled.

Your favorite jeans will let me down by one day ripping irreparably. Your best friend will let you down by one day not coming through in the way you expect them to. Your lover will let you down by one day (at the very least) annoying you (by, say, hogging the couch or forgetting to take out the garbage when they said they would). And this is all OK. We all let each other down, and it's foolish to think we won't.

But the great thing about failing is learning how not to repeat it.

Now excuse me, I think I need to save my glasses from repeating failure by shopping for a new pair...

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