Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blur on the brain.

The lovely lady to the right there showed up last Monday. I think it's safe to say that Blur's Bur 21: The Box is one of the kost expensive items of prerecorded music I have ever bought. But it's also the first time in I can't even remember that I felt genuine excitement at ordering, receiving and unpacking anything musical. Seriously, I felt the same rush as I did when I wold make new discoveries at Music Warehouse in the late '80s. Heck, it was even similar to when I'd get that fist box of ten tapes (eleven if you make your first order now!) from Columbia House.

I miss that feeling.

I also miss reissues and box sets actually living up to the pomp and circumstance that usually accompanies their release but I have to commend Blur for not failing to deliver on the promised goods. Granted, I already have most of the music in this set through years of hunting down singles and gathering fanclub singles back in the day when I was a subscriber to Blurb, but the wealth of unreleased material, the live shows, the hardcover book, the 7" single ... I mean, really, it's all just absolutely terrific. This is the epitome of "not for the casual listener, but if you're a serious or longtime fan this will not disappoint." And just when I thought I was giddy to the point of bursting I found out that the set comes with an online code that allows you to download al the music (saving me from an hour ripping this stuff so I can listen on the go without breaking out my Sony Discman) and other bonus materials, including the entire run of the fanclub's Blurb magazines!

Honestly, the whole thing transports me back to the days of waiting desperately until every Tuesday to pick up some new piece of music. Call me sentimental, but I really miss that.


Shoeshine Boy said...

Amen brother. I miss running to Rose Records or the Flip Side for the CD releases.

Tankboy said...

Or cutting out coupons in IE for a couple bucks off at Rolling Stones!