Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'Friends' intro sans music but with realistic sound effects is puh-retty creepy. But I still love 'Friends.'

Say hello to a fresh crop of new nightmares!

I do find this subversively hilarious but we have been binging on a near non-stop run of Friends episodes courtesy Netflix, and it is remarkable a) how well they've held up and b) just how strong the series was right out of the gate. It was always in our rotation—I remember watching the initial episode with my roommate at the time Jim, and a few other friends since we all gathered every Thursday for NBC watching—and I remembered being won over from the get-go but assumed history had made those initial memories rosier than they actually were.

But they were rosy!

And the show was really good!

And even a bunch of slacker / punks / artsy-fartsy yuppie hating like the crew I was gleefully a part of at the time could fall in love with the show. Especially Rachel Rowr! Still!

[h/t Death and Taxes for the video]

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