Friday, January 30, 2015

Fueling up with Cafeine.

Xavier Cafeine, photo by Elias Tahan
I feel like the same thing happened around this time last year, but my inbox has been bursting with some great fucking music over the last week or so. Most of the albums are coming out late February or March, so as tempted as I am to spill all of the beans I will refrain. But I will continue to give tastes of the truly outstanding releases to get you excited for their imminent arrival!

Xavier Cafeine in Canadian and performs under the simple moniker of, wait for it, Cafeine. He's already a few albums into his career, and one listen to New Love—out on February 17—means I'm going to have to track down his older material STAT. New Love bristles with energy and power pop of the most caffeinated degree. The tunes make you want to dance one second and then pogo all over the room the next.

This is fan-fucking-tastic. Vroom vroom life affirming stuff that makes your heart go pound pound pound.

Apparently Xavier just moved to L.A. so here's hoping that scene doesn't suck the magic out of him, but I kind of suspect he's up to the challenge.

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