Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I was exhausted but am glad I went out last night anyway or I would have never been introduced to the amazing music of Deep State.

Deep State.
Last night I went to go see a friend’s band, but of course I misjudged the time and completely missed their set. I satire around anyway, to catch Deep State, a band I didn't recall hearing of. They were touring and the Monday after Riot Fest doesn’t exactly attract the largest crowds. So I paid my cover and stuck around with the small handful of other music die-hands at The Burlington that evening so they would at least have a few people to play to. (Playing to an empty room can be a real soul-sucker.)

And was promptly blown away. I bought everything the band was selling by the close of their show. How had I not hear of these guys?! They're style of music went big, mixing classic with indie rock and/or roll with a rusty swagger. I dug through my email and sure enough, a publicist had reached out to me about the band, but since it didn’t include a download of their music I filed it away, figuring maybe I’d look into them later.

They’re on a pretty wide-ranging tour through the middle of October (they’re even playing the corner of the world I spent my earliest years, Mcallen, TX, not exactly known as a musical mecca) so if you have a chance to see them, you really should.

You can listen to their new album below; it’s good but doesn’t quite capture the band’s live power. If I was you, I would do what I did, and buy everything the have on Bandcamp. I certainly don’t regret it!

Anyway, last night was one of those times that reminded me, yet again, of the importance of just sticking around for every band whether you’ve heard of them or not. You never know when one will become one of your new favorites.

Oh heck, here's their debut LP too. Buy it!

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