Monday, January 26, 2004

D-d-d-d-don’t stop the b-b-b-b-beat…

Okay, do stop the beat!

It was a good weekend. Woolworthy, Missile and The Melismatics tore The Note apart on Friday. Seriously. If you get a chance to see The Melismatics – and I mention them since they seem to tour quite a bit – do so! You’ll be treated to a frenetic, tuneful and raucous show. Really, they are not to be missed.

I then took it easy for the rest of the weekend. I’m not used to going out as late as I was last Wednesday, and Friday was boozerrific, so Saturday was spent watching 21 Grams and going out for a few drinks with Photogal, her sis and her sis’ significant other. Sunday my little bro was in from Canada to celebrate my littlest bro’s birthday so we all congregated at my parent’s house for ribs and cake.

And Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.

I know, I know, you’re all like, “Wha happen’?!” with that last bit, right?
Let’s just say that while I see a lot of flick my littlest bro sees an insane number of movies so when we as a family decide to see a movie together there isn’t all that many options available to us. Also, while my mom enjoys a deep movie or two, she doesn’t want to be depressed to the verge of tears so usually the movie needs to be a bit upbeat.

So Win A Date With Tad Hamilton won out.

How did I like it? Well there were a few funny and snide comments about the Hollywood scene in general but it’s basically the basic plot of Pretty In Pink only in this version Ducky gets the girl. I guess gals of the new millennium are much better at looking past the surface and divining the true intentions of the male beast.

Oh yeah, right, that is such bullshit. Girls almost always go for the wrong guy first and the right guy, well, when the wrong guy has crushed them and left them behind. I know...I spent a long time being the right guy...then a while of being the wrong guy until I regained my senses. The wrong guy almost always wins in the earlier years, trust me...

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