Thursday, January 29, 2004


Okay, I’m a bit giddy over a show I helped put together getting a mention in Pitchfork. They didn’t really mention Done Waiting but I will take any press I and my boys and gals can get!

Also, I’m heading into a really good weekend of live music here I Chicago. Tonight I’m gonna check out OK-Go at The Empty Bottle. These boys put on a great live show and deserve none of that backlash they were thrown through allegations of streamlining their sound and selling out their soul to a Major label. They still play quirky yet arena-sized rock and/or roll and that is a beautiful thing. Opening for them is a band named Spiralling who are getting killer press. I’m looking forward to seeing them and, if they play as well as their press reads, picking up a disc from them at the show.

Tomorrow Caviar plays with Giant Step at The Double Door and that should prove to be another evening of great rock and/or roll…but it don’t stop there! I’m also putting on a Tankboy bill at Beat Kitchen tomorrow night so keep an eye out for a tall blonde guy running from one club to another in an attempt to catch all the great music tomorrow night!

Now I’m gonna go and meditate on James Brown’s mug shot. Incidentally this was the very first thing I saw today. I fell asleep on my couch last night and woke up to Fox news this morning and his unshaven puss was the image that my brain had to process upon the lifting of my eyelids. Eeek!

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