Monday, April 19, 2004

What’s up doc?

So I tried out a new doctor today that was recommended by Photogal, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend the Mad Moldovan Trader. (Just kidding, he’s not mad at all, but I like the way “Mad Moldovan” sounds.)

Anyway, I went to see this new doctor because a) I didn’t really like the guy I had been seeing since I got covered by my company’s medical insurance and b) ever since my dad’s oncologist said that the stomach problems he’s encountered over the years may have been one of the contributing factors to his esophageal cancer I’ve been meaning to get my recurring stomach pain finally solved. I’ve tried numerous medications but I think it’s time to shove a camera down my throat and figure out just what the hell is going on down there.

Well, apparently this new doctor agreed and an endoscopy is next on my docket of things to do. Unfortunately she frowned upon my drinking and smoking just like every other doctor I’ve ever seen. She was a bit more stern and insistent that I reduce my alcoholic intake and such as we try and pin down the source of my stomach ailment.

Okay, fine. Even though summer is approaching quickly and there’s nothing I like more than slowly getting pickled on a Saturday afternoon I will reduce the boozing. Grrrrrr….

On the bright side, even though she said I could stand to lose a few pounds (which I agree with and is the purpose for my visits to the gym 4-5 days a week) she did comment that I seemed in pretty good health with a healthy blood pressure and a low heart rate. She asked if I had a history of jogging and I couldn’t help laughing a bit before saying no. I have been doing quite a bit of aerobic work over the last few months so that has probably helped my heart-rate, no?

So where do we stand after all of this, besides me admitting I may have bored you with Too Much Information™? I’m in good shape but I could be in a bit better shape and the jury is still out on what causes me to tear through bottle after bottle of Tums. However in an effort to answer the last point, I will avoid the heavy boozing and stick to the light tippling for a while. As a general rule. But not absolutely. I mean,. Photogal is out of town next weekend so how could I turn down such a chance to drink and drink and sit around my apartment in my underwear watching DVD after DVD of witty British television? Yay!

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