Friday, November 04, 2005

All BY MYself...

Photogal's in Florida so I'm-a runnin' solo this weekend. Look out world, here comes trouble!

Okay, maybe not so much.

I do at least have my evenings planned out already. Tonight is the Brad Peterson CD release show at Schuba's with The Bon Mots and OFFICE. I haven't seen OFFICE in years so I'm looking forward to experiencing their new line-up. I haven't seen The Bon Mots in months so I'm curious to see if they have written any new tunes. I haven't seen Brad with a full band in years so I'm guessing his set should be pretty mind-blowing. Afterwards Eric from The Bon Mots is DJing upstairs at Schuba's so expect some rock and/or roll dancing.

Tomorrow Awesome Car Funmaker plays The Pontiac. I know no one around here really knows who they are. In fact when I fist booked them they were in the legion of bands whose CDs struck me as being decent but not terrific or particularly noteworthy. Average.

Then I walked into their last set at The Pontiac and was knocked the fuck out by the whirling dervish on-stage knocking out Mod-inflected whirlwinds in a rock and/or roll frenzy. It was one of those definite, "Whoah." moments. It was awesome. So I'm looking forward to their show tomorrow and suggest you get yourself to The Pontiac to see them as well!

And somewhere in-between those shows I plan on catching a few movies, renting a few DVDs and generally play-acting the part of the lazy bachelor growing roots into his couch. It will be bliss.

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