Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tying up loose ends.

I’ve been meaning to mention the following things but I just never seem to get around to it. Consider this “getting around to it.”

  • I have been seriously negligent about not mentioning this fabulous play Photogal and I saw a few weeks ago. It’s called Bottle Can Draft and it’s a site specific piece...meaning that it takes place in a bar so the play is being presented in a bar. I thought the whole thing was entertaining and engaging and would heartily recommend it to anyone reading this. Unfortunately I’ve been remiss in my duties as far as mentioning this in a timely fashion and regret to inform you that next Monday is the show’s last performance so if you’re going to catch it NOW is the time to get your order in for tickets. Also, stay on your toes while watching the show. I found myself being asked my SAT scores by a pretty girl about halfway through the show and briefly became part of the act.

  • I just realized I don’t own a copy of Strange Brew on wither VHS or DVD…how is that possible?

  • I want this iDJ set-up from Numark so badly I can taste it. It’s heading to the top of my Christmas Wish list.

  • Also on the list, The Complete Calvin And Hobbes.

  • Jeez, after those last tow items I’m salivating so heavily I’m in severe danger of electrocuting myself on my keyboard!

  • Last Friday I learned that people will dance like maniacs to The Outfield but don’t really care for .38 Special. This confuses me since I think both sound incredibly similar, but the people have spoken and .38 Special has been bumped from both tankPOD and dPOD.

  • Okay, I admit it, “Irregardless” is not a word. Even I get caught by the English/Grammar Police from time to time.

  • Photogal is gonna be out of town this weekend, so what’s going on besides the Bon Mots and Brad Peterson show Friday night?

  • I’m volunteering at the local NPR station today since they’re running their pledge drive. I renewed my own membership earlier this week and am getting some sweet This American Life tumblers as my premium. The only bummer was yesterday when I realized that instead of signing up for the installment plan to pay off my pledge, NPR had instead withdrawn all the money at the same time! Oh well, at least I won’t have to worry about forgetting each month that it’ll overdraw my account due to my forgetfulness. I also wish that I could have taken advantage of the year’s subscription to The Economist but they had nothing in place to allow me to tack that year at the end of my current sub. I obviously don’t need two copies a week; however it’s a great premium for anyone else who’s going to sign up. A year’s sub costs about $115 and you get it through NPR for a pledge over $120. Sa-weet!

  • When I was in London I fell in love with that whole "Mind The Gap" thing but couldn't brig myself to buy a t-shirt with the phrase over a Tube logo because the whole endeavor just felt too touristy. However I almost faltered when I saw a "Fuck The Gap" shirt. Ultimately I returned home empty handed and regretting my decision to not just suck it up and be a tourist consumer. Luckily for me my boss was just over there and was nice enough to pick up a shirt for me since I think she could sense I was a bit sorry I hadn't done so myself. Yippee!

  • If I saw one more naughty nurse or bad kitty or cute little fucking butterfly-wing girl last weekend I was going to scream. Listen, I’m certainly not against girls showing some flesh and looking sexy. As a matter of fact I could not be any more strenuously for this practice. However I do ask that you show a teensy bit of inventiveness. For instance Photogal was a naughty nurse last year but she also went around handing out fake prescriptions and really got into character. That was cool. Had she just worn a white pleather mini-dress and proceeded to stumble drunkenly all over the place that would not have been cool. Do you see the distinction?

  • Speaking of Photogal’s cool costumes, this year she went to a party in a track-suit with a marathon number pinned on to it and a wedding veil. She also had a bouquet of flowers of flowers in one hand and a bus ticket in the other. Can you guess what she was? It was awesome.

  • Another thing about last weekend. I had forgotten that Halloween is like the holiday for singles to hook up. I had also forgotten how funny it is that by the end of the evening most singles are such amateurs that their hookups resemble drunken sleepovers rather than nights of passion. Color me amused.

  • Yesterday I stopped by Best Buy to look at stuff I can no longer afford and I noticed that almost every register at the store was manned by an employee and there were ropes set up in case the line to the check-out area had to wind back and forth. Now this best Buy usually has two people – three tops – working the registers so I was a bit confused, especially since none of them had any customers and the vast majority of them looked incredibly bored. On the way out I asked the security guard what was up and he said, “The new Star Wars DVD came out and they thought there was going to be a huge rush for the movie. I guess not.” Yeah, I guess not.

  • I also stopped by a Circuit City – still window shopping mind you – and found myself asking myself the same question I do every time I enter one of their stores. Why the fuck is Circuit City so ghetto? I mean the stores look like absolute crap with a lousy selection even I’m in a ritzy suburb north of the city where lots of rich people shop looking to spend mucho dinero. How do they expect to compete with anyone, much less the Best Buy or Target that’s usually lurking just around the corner? I don’t get it.

  • While Kip won the prize on Friday for best costume because his was so good NO ONE recognized him, I have to admit that personaly I liked DonnaBalls’ costume best. She came dressed as Kip. Take a gander at the disturbing result:

Disturbing, no? I mean, look at those Capri cigarettes! It's enough to make one shudder.

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