Monday, October 29, 2007

Barely recovered.

Barely recovered.

Running on all cylinders. Thanks to everyone that came out to make The Burlington feel like a house party again. Special thanks to old friends that stopped by, I never get to see folks like that as often as I'd like. Then it was off for a quick day-trip to Michigan on Saturday before rushing home to see Rudy's transform himself into Boy George. And Sunday was spent doing 9-to-5 work, running more errands, and ended with a marathon band practice in which we covered the set with ease and then set out to hammer down a deceptively simple new one. Afterwards I did some more 9-to-5 stuff and finally fell asleep sometime around the middle of Michael Corleone's courtship while on the Italian lam.

Reset counter to zero. Time to go again!

The pumpkin pictured is meant for humorous purposes only. I assure you no actual puking took place this weekend. My friends and I are professionals, after all!

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