Thursday, October 04, 2007

There really are worse things to complain about.

There really are worse things to complain about.

Since I got outed about the whole weight-loss thing (thanks Sweet Lou!), I guess I can now share with you the one downside to Project Slim Down While You Still Can 2007. Clothing.

Right after my birthday I found some jeans I loved. Two different styles, actually. I'm the kind of person who, fashion-wise, sticks with what I like (shut it, JB). I've been wearing the same style of boots for over ten years now, wear many of the same t-shirts -- when they fit -- I've been wearing since college, and so on. In fact, when I find something I like (and pants and shoes are the most troublesome items in this area) I tend to buy them in twos or threes. Those boots I like? I've been wearing my current pair for three years, even though Photogal bought me a brand new pair for Christmas ... two years ago.

So in July I found these jeans, and bought a couple pairs of them. I bought them kind of tight, since I was beginning to realize that baggy clothing was making me look even huskier than I actually was, and was super happy with them.

Well, now they're all baggy! For a while I kept washing them and drying them trying to make them shrink, until I realized that I was shrinking further than they were ever going to. So now I'm stuck with clothing that is starting to look a little baggy again. And I refuse to buy any more clothing until I get down to the same weight I was at 24, and that's still about three months off.

The bright side of the situation is the new t-shirts that are back in the rotation after a decade of hibernation! (Although this vexes Photogal, because it means her t-shirts are no longer off-limits and I keep snagging those as well ... heh heh. In particular I love her vintage Clubhouse* "All My Heroes Are Whores" t-shirt.)

Pictured: One of those t-shirts recently brought back into rotation

*The record store that used to be next door to Metro. Photogal worked there back in the '80s.

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