Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Note ... it was good to me.

The Note ... it was good to me.

It was almost ten years ago I accepted the job as talent buyer at The Note, with my only condition being that I be allowed book rock bands and phase out the jazz, swing, and funk bands. No offense to any of those genres, it just wasn't what I wanted to book 7 nights a week. In fact it was at The Note that I met the guys I'm currently in a band with, although it took them about seven years to pick my drum sticks back up.

I left The Note after a few years but was pleased to see that the establishment stuck with the rock, and I was even more pleased when MPShows took over booking duties.

I'm sad to hear The Note is closing it's doors to remodel sans live music, but hey, times change. However, I couldn't let the place close without playing there at least once ... so I put together a show for tonight with a couple of friends for our personal send-off. Come on by. Afterwards we're all heading to Liar's Club for Bomb Squad Thursday too, so make a night of it.

Thursday May 1 at The Note

Black Nag
America's #1 Sweetheart
Lasers and Fast and Shit

Doors: 9pm
Show: 10pm

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