Thursday, May 29, 2008

Text madness.

Text madness.

NOTE: I was looking for ideas this morning and was searching through unpublished drafts, and came across this one from earlier this year. All that existed of it was the first sentence, so I've tried to reconstruct the rest adopting the mindset I had at the time.

In other words if you've gotten a late night text from me lately, this post is NOT about you! Seriously. It's just a mental capture of my freewheelin' fullblown bachelor days.

Seriously, I should not be allowed to use my phone after midnight. In ye olden days late night phone shenanigans were severely limited by the fact that you, well, actually had to call the other person and you might wake them up. But now you can just text away to your little heart's delight ... sometimes accumulating a book's worth of embarrassing messages before the other person even knows you're trying to get their attention.

And let's not even discuss the booty text.

On one hand the whole texting thing makes communication and, by extension, dating easier than I remembered it being. It also makes it super easy to make plans with friends. You have no idea what's going on tonight? Mass text! Someone is sure to get back to you!

On the other hand, texting is devoid of the intimacy a simple phone call still contains. Plus, it's a written record, often recorded late at night, at a time when we might not really want to remember what we were saying. Of course the irony is that text tend to be a manifestation of our id, so the reason we might not want to remember them is because, in the end, they're ultimately true indicators of how/what we're feeling.

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