Monday, November 10, 2008

Mourning period? I think not.

Mourning period? I think not.

When I sent out a text to my family after Obama's win, my little brother shot back with, "At least we gave you a day to mourn when Bush was re-elected."It was meant to be funny, and it did make me laugh, but since then it has gotten me to think about Conservative reaction to Obama's win. For the most part, I haven't noticed any!

On one hand, I've unplugged from political talk over the past few days -- I just had to -- so I'm sure the 24-hour news channels and talk show circuits are probably still erupting, but fuck 'em, I'm thinking more of the general public reaction. And for the most part it's been muted. On one hand i think it's because most Republicans sort of saw this coming as McCain's campaign continued to crash and burn.

On top of that, things are so bad, I think most Republicans realized that anyone new in the White House would be a good thing. In fact my little brother made a point to me that what worries him most isn't Obama, but the Democratically controlled Congress, and I sort of agree with him. If the Congress can unite and help Obama to push good reform through, that'll be great ... but over the past two years Democrats have shown they can be just as stupid as Republicans when it comes to infighting and stalling each other's legislation in order to gain their own perks. And I am deeply worried about him bringing too many Chicago politicians with him to Washington, since that would be a possibly tarnishing distraction to Obama and provide an air of cronyism and entitlement he could -- and should -- do without.

Back to my main point though, and what led me to think about this in the first place. When Bush was re-elected I was seriously in a state of shock and couldn't at all understand how he got back into office, so yeah, I'm glad that I was given a day to "grieve" back then. However, with Obama's election, I don't think Conservatives need any time to "grieve." They're President and his ideology died a long time ago, and they should be happy that someone fresh and new is on the scene.

Obama can't fuck this country up any more than it currently is ... and I tend to think he might just improve it quite a bit. Even as economic news grows ever more dire, I sense the national mood has brightened just a bit.

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