Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost there, kids.

Almost there, kids.

I've been working on a recap of the weekend, and planned to push it live today, but it's not quite there yet. I feel like I'm missing a component of what made the trip so successful when all of my internal instincts should have pushed me into super-overstimulated aggro mode. (I mean kee-rist, if a large mall can set my teeth on edge, shouldn't Las Vegas have given me a brain hemorrhage? But it didn't. I actually came away enjoying the experience!)

Also, I'm waiting to see if any of the other guys have usable pictures to help break up the piece visually since it's running a tad long.

Until then I leave you with the below shocking revelation and sensible recommendation.

AMAZING BUT TRUE: Unless something radical happens and I suddenly find the motivation, this will be the first St. Patrick's in "I-can't-remember" that I will be staying in and miss the annual Beer Nuts bash. That doesn't mean you have to though! Go see Herb and co. spray beer all over the place and play their winning blend of party punk at Double Door tonight.

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