Monday, March 23, 2009

The Tweet in review:March 16-22

The Tweet in review: March 16-22

Wherein our heroic writer digs back through his last week's Tweets and shares his ten favorites with you, dear reader. Like 'em but not following me yet? Well, it's never too late to start!
  • I love when This American Life and Planet Money collide. I smell awards in their future!
  • Learn from LeAnn and Britney girls ... do not marry your back-up dancer.
  • Cut Copy boys, I'm digging your set...but there's a whole lot of music going on when no one but the drummer is playing an instrument!
  • Did the chick from Sub Pop who gave the NYT the grunge lexicon give the Today Show the Twitter dictionary they just used?
  • Hey Kids! It's The Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator™ (discovered via an @TimeOutChicago link buried in a post)
  • Insight of the day. I believe that print will NOT die, but it will remain more as an art form than a commodity.
  • After seeing photos from Fader Fort I am again glad I missed SXSW. I would have been slapping kerchief-wearing hipster like no tomorrow.
  • Can anyone explain to me what differentiates Bat For Lashes from Tori Amos?
  • Punk rock always sounds better in a smoke-filled sweaty loft.
  • Watching Singles, feeling old. Especially when I realize my look at the time was a little too close to Matt Dillon's character. And E Vedder
  • I can already tell that this is the summer Wicker Park finally becomes unsufferable. Well, we had a good 15 year run...

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