Friday, January 08, 2010

foursqaure's official stance on where you can and can't check in is...

foursquare's official stance on where you can and can't check in is...

Since I became a superuser on foursquare* I'm allowed to edit and close locations. I've long voiced my annoyance at people checking in at their desk, or on a bus, or in their jacuzzi, but it seems as if fourquare doesn't mind it one bit. This is from the superuser instruction page:
Q: What type of places are allowed and which should I close?

We see people checking into all sorts of places - their office, their homes, their dorms, etc. We'd rather you not "close" any places unless they're bars / cafes' that have gone out of business. The exception is when people create venues for places that just don't exist - e.g. "Happytime USA", "I hate my boss", "On the beach" - those you are free to close. But as for all the other weird scenarios - people checking-in at subway stations, or on the Manhattan Bridge, or while on a Virgin Atlantic flight - let's keep them!
My guess is they're allowing this in hopes that folks will fully canvas a city with geotagging, making it much easier for the foursquare team to map everything out, and ultimately integrate offers to users through local businesses and stuff like that.

So I guess i may as well give in and start checking in every other step I take down the sidewalk...

*Feel free to replace "superuser" with "superdork" in that sentence, I can take it.

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