Thursday, October 18, 2012

I thought today was Friday again.

When you're insanely busy it's odd how your perception of time gets seriously warped. There have been a number of Tuesdays I was sure were actually Thursday. And I thought it was Friday todau until an email came through reminding me it was the office's Thirsty Third Thursday happy hour, the proceeds of which were going to a worthy charity. I thought it was weird to have a Thirsty Third Thursday on a Friday ... and then realized I was an idiot.

I am obviously in serious need of a vacation.

I am trying really hard to carve out a weekend to at least go to Michigan, either to a B&B or to Photogal's farm house that she's generously offered me use of if I want to escape to there.

Part of this is my fault. Yes, I'm super busy, but I'm also the kind of person who feels guilty about taking vacation time, even though I have plenty of it offered to me by the 9-to-5. I have to get over that and just schedule some time for myself to catch back up with myself.

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