Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quick tips to keeping your sanity in an unending political news cycle.

I don't know if this will help you, but I've found it helps me. Here are a few tips on how to consume political news in a relatively responsible manner that may help you from constantly freaking out.
  1. Don't watch cable news. At all. 
  2. Avoid news sources that either directly align with or contradict your political beliefs. Submerging yourself in either isn't really helpful. (Unless you're a journalist trying to get the full picture of what each side thinks is going on. But the average person should save themselves the blood pressure raising hassle.)
  3. Check in with AP and Reuters throughout the day. Once things filter through those two sources you can be reasonably assured you're getting something real and more balanced.
  4. Don't get your political news from Facebook. It's an echo chamber that will only feed you your own viewpoint, and that is completely useless.
  5. Take up meditation. Even if only in brief bursts.
UPDATE: I added the photo of Pickle to make this a little more inviting. Tips are always better with kittens!

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