Monday, October 09, 2017

Two new Diane Coffee songs are just making me hungry for more.

Photo by Photo by Cara Robbins Photography from the Diane Coffee Facebook page.
Diane Coffee's new 2 song release, Peel, is out later this month. It glam-tastic. And fabulous. And really makes me wish he was releasing a full album. Here's the A-side, but I assure you the B-side "Get By" is just as excellent.

I've been following Shaun Fleming (they who are "Diane Coffee") and their work for quite a while now and they've progressed from a quirky psych wunderkind into a mini-symphonic stomping genius. If they continue in this direction, I am prepared to get very excited for their next full-length, whenever that might finally arrive.

You can order a copy of Peel today.

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