Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"This isn't pizza. This isn't even human food!"

The Daily Show is in town taping four episodes in Chicago and Mich and I were lucky enough to get invited to tonight's taping. I should probably make the embarrassing admission that I realized I haven't actually watched a full episode of The Daily Show since Trevor Noah took over (?!). Well, now I have. I've always appreciated his combination of sharp, intelligent humor tempered by laid-back demeanor, and seeing him live—he continued his stand-up approach even during the commercial breaks and kept us all in stitches the whole time—made me appreciate his control of his craft even more.

As for the title of the post, you'll just have to watch the episode to understand why that quote made me laugh so hard, but I'll give you the hint that correspondent Ronny Chieng and I both have a similar view of Chicago deep dish pizza.

UPDATE: You can now read my recap, and watch videos, of the episode on Chicagoist!

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