Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hockey Dad amps up their sound and everything in the world is cool again.

Hockey Dad’s new album Blend Inn reminds me of the kind of music Q magazine would write about in the late’s 90s or early aughts. The thing about Q was, sometimes their descriptions were misleading and you ended up with a band they were buzzing about who simply fell flat. But every once in a while you’d come back from the Tower or Virgin Records import section with a real gem.

Blend Inn falls under the “real gem” category.

The duo is from Australia but their music take a real fuzz-pedal approach to Britpop, with slightly sneered verses  driving into grand chorus after grand chorus. This is another one of those albums I put off listening to because I was worried I’d get sucked into it over and over and—yup, that happened.

Man. This music makes me hungry for summer, when I can sit on my back porch with some friend and just call to some super sharp rock and/or roll.

The album is out on February 9, but they just released the second single, “I Wanna Be Everybody,” to help get you stoked for that date.

Heck, while we’re at it, here’s the first single's video too. It gives you a little idea of how the band manages to display a range within a certain approach to their music.

Videos not your thing? You can stream both songs below, and as always, if you dig them you can click through to pre-order the whole album, in about a bajillion different formats.

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