Monday, May 20, 2019

Someone I know directed another Juliana Hatfield video!

Photo by Stacee Sledge
I admit I haven’t seen Rachel Lichtman in quite a few years—she left Chicago for warmer, Western climes a while ago—but I’ve really been enjoying her experimental and delightfully quirky films on her Network 77 platform. We ran in the same social circles, but she was always part of the group that was a little above my pay grade when it came to the cool quotient, so it's no surprise she's still kicking out amazing work that is effortlessly, well, cool.

Earlier this year Lichtman received acclaim for her video treatment of "Lost Ship" off Juliana Hatfield's latest (and quite excellent) album Weird. It was dreamy and felt more like a feeling than a story, which suited that song well.

Lichtman and Hatfield collaborated on a second video from the album, and released it today. Whereas their first visual collaboration, "Lost Ship," was more a meditative and stately affair, the new video for "Broken Doll" take a far different route, mood-wise. From the opening introduction courtesy Pat Sansone (who has appeared in previous Network 77 shorts) you kinda have an idea that you're in for something a little (seemingly, but is it really?) lighter this time around. Check it out and you tell me what you think.

Oh yeah, Hatfield is on tour right now and hits Chicago for the outdoor Out Of Space event in Evanston on June 22. It's SUPER sold out—Hatfield is sharing the bill with Liz Phair—but maybe you can find tickets on the resale market if you're really lucky.


uhf said...

Great legs & ass!

Liz said...

She really needs to have her boobs inflated!

Julie yes that julie said...

I went to Mill-e-rock-ay. Fuck Liz Phair.