Wednesday, July 08, 2020

New neighbors!

I stepped outside last week and was startled when a bird flew past my head, only to discover she was flying away from a nest she'd built in an upper corner of the porch. This morning I discovered she has some new nest companions—two baby birds!

My initial reaction to this was pure joy. When happiness strikes unexpectedly it is sometimes far more overwhwlemong and delicious a sensation. I suddenly loved that mama and her two babies.

Almost as immediately, I started to worry about their wellbeing, and envisioning all the potential disasters that lay in wait for this new trio. I wanted to build a fence around the nest, or at least stand sentry for the next few weeks a la a British palace guard to see them through the most dangerous times.

Why can't I just enjoy a small miracle without allowing it to be tainted by paranoia? I don't have that answer, but for now I'm gonna cheer those birdies on and hope for the best!

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