Thursday, July 23, 2020

You need some Jeff Rosenstock in your life right now.

While 2020 has already offered us a ton of new music, some of the albums that are really sticking with me are coming from unlikely artists. Let's take Jeff Rosenstock as an example, since he's a musician I've long known about and appreciated, even if his torrential output of music rarely really hit hoe with me.

That all changed with NO DREAM, as Rosenstock fearlessly flaunts he and his band's technical skills  by cramming intricate progressions into a garage rock squall. At first it just sounds like a band bashing out some extremely loud, extremely catchy tunes, and I clearly remember the shock as it locked into place and I realized the dexterity it took to pull all this off while making it sound effortless.

Rosenstock released a video for the album's latest single "Scram!" and it's a terrific entry point for anyone unfamiliar with Rosenstock's work in general, and the genius of NO DREAM in particular. Check out the video and stream the album below.

As always, I endorse buying the tunes if they hit you as hard as they did me. In fact, I think I've bought the album twice already (once digitally and later when I purchased the vinyl, as it became apparent NO DREAM would probably make it through as one of the albums to really emotionally / physically move me in 2020)!*

*If you can't afford the album, and these days I can totally understand that being the case, Rosenstock is a staunch DIY kinda guy and offers free downloads of NO DREAM for those that can't afford to buy it (though there is an option to donate money to various charities through his label).

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