Tuesday, June 08, 2021

If you wanna feel fancy you'll call it 'Oxygène'

I've scraped most of the streaming services for content that can still hold my interest after 14+ months of largely staying home. After my extreme disappointment in the latest Conjuring* movie I was looking for something that might actually be scary, and while Oxygen (titled Oxygène elsewhere) is more thriller than horror, it is very effective at raising your pulse ... even after you've figured out the twist (which, of course, there is a twist but it's reasonably obvious, so it never feels like you've been hoodwinked or anything).

So yeah, watch Oxygen!

*To be fair, I've never watched a Conjuring movie all the way through before, and while I was aware it was a popular franchise I had no idea HOW popular! So I'm probably in the minority when it comes to people that find them terrible.

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