Friday, June 04, 2021

The Rare Occasions ask that "You Call Me When You Get There," so put them on speed dial.

The Rare Occasions are based in L.A. and their new album Big Whoop is out June 18, and it is very fun and quite incredible. The video above for "Call Me When You Get There" nicely encapsulates the band's strengths, so if you're expecting a brash and bright power-pop explosion from the rest of the disc, your expectations will be met!

Also, a side note about videos in general, but is anyone else simply floored at how almost every video these days looks great and is as inventive as all get-out? I was reading the oral history of the initial MTV boom and I swear that videos these days produced on shoestring budgets either rival or are superior to the once that cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

All you need is a great idea now, and technology has caught up with how you execute your visions ... so I think that's pretty cool. Even if I am doubtful any video by anyone not a superstar converts into many sales, I'm grateful they're still out there and bands are making them awesome.

You can pre-order Big Whoop here, but if you can't wait you can snag "Call Me When You Get There" below.

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