Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Best! Oscars! Performance! In! My! Lifetime?

No I'm not in hibernation, and there are reasons for it being relatively quiet around these parts. However, I couldn't let last Sunday's Oscar. performance for Best Song candidate "I'm Just Ken," go by without marking it here. Why? Because I have a strong feeling that performance will become a permanent part of "best of" Oscar montages for the next 75 years, at least.

I mean, just watch it above. It's glorious!

And while I personally wanted "I'm Just Ken" to win for being so fun, I think the Billie Eilish number "What Was I Made For?" was the correct choice to take home the statue. While the Gosling performance will become a part of Oscars history, I think Eilish's song is on a fast path to becoming a permanent standard in the great American songbook.

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