Friday, March 29, 2024

Say yes to Non La's lo-fi power-pop.

Photo by Cole Schmidt
DJ On in the one-man-band Non La, and their new album Like Before will be a direct hit for those whose hearts are targets for clear hooks bursting forth from its fuzzy bedroom production style. The lyrics are based in relationship-land and the difficulties oof traversing that terrain during new adventures in that realm.

But it's the sound that reeled me in first. On's songwriting is of the style that sounds simple, but that's only becasue the tunes are carefully constructed for maximum impact. The straightforward approach and ability to pop back and forth between tender moments of the low-key sort with big ol' waves of distortion that, when deployed, drop like a series of glorious guitar sledgehammers is a really satisfying listen.

Like Before is out today, so give it a spin below, and pick up an LP or cassette if it burrows under your skin like if has mine. If you dig lo-fi guitar pop that reaches for both the rafters and the heart, I think you're gonna enjoy this a lot.

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