Thursday, March 28, 2024

crêpe girl carves out a pocket of delicious pop that's all her own, and it's fantastic fun.

Photo by Steph Estrada
French-American artist Eliza Grégoire is crêpe girl and her latest EP is STARGAZING  was released last week It's a short, punchy collection of skewed pop built on inventive production and playful explorations pulling at the corners of various genres to collect a stew of tunes that feels unusually. distinct and bright. 

Usually I wouldn’t pull a direct quote from a press release, but in this case it immediately explains her name (and perhaps her entry into music). 

In college Grégoire ran a crêpe stand and says, “I was making crêpes backstage for Clairo’s band and crew before her show, and Mac DeMarco happened to show up at my stand,” so she ended up making crêpes for him at his Red Rocks show later on. If here crêpes are half as good as her music, they might rival the ones we sampled at the base of the Eiffel Tower last year.

So dig in and take a healthy bite as you consume her new EP below. I tick you'll find it quite filling and devoid of the empty calories that can plague some pop.

And if you do, I promise I'll stop making food metaphors if we ever talk about this EP in person. 

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