Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter woes.

Winter woes.

Just screamed my throat literally raw. Yesterday the cold sucked the life out of my car battery, forcig me on a last minute CTA trip from my place to Oak Park (not the easiest route to take, especially since the North Avenue bus only seems to run twice a week). Last night Photogal came over with her Jeep and some jumper cables and we brought my car back to life. I drove it around for a while, stopped it, filled it up, and it started right back up again. Drove it some more to recharge the battery and then parked.

This morning it's dead again.

So I sat in my front seat for a good two-minutes screaming things not printable in a family publication, and barely printable even here. Luckily I was up super early to hit the gym, so even with the crap CTA service I should get to work on time or a little bit early. This sure fucks up my plans for the next few days since I have practice tonight and was going to get new drum heads tomorrow. Well, I STILL have practice and I HAVE to get those drum heads tomorrow ... it's just now going to be a huge pain travel-wise and time-wise.

Sorry, just had to vent. I'll deal with all of this, but I think all these little disasters cross pollinated with this seemingly unending deep freeze we're under, is seriously starting to affect my usually sunny and optimistic disposition. Grrrrrr.

Oh well, at least tankPOD 2006 seems to be working O.K. (knock on wood) this morning, after another recharge!

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