Monday, August 11, 2003

Just so’s ya know…

…Betty the Beagle and I did indeed celebrate Spoil Your Dog Day. However I moved it up to Saturday since I knew I would be home all day and Sunday I had to go out to my parents’ place in the hinterlands and pick up Photogal from the airport.

Betty and I watched many DVDs and curled up in a big, comfy, green blanket on the couch. Betty was also treated to some extra dog treats as well as an extended sun bath on my back-porch.

Then, later that night, I tucked Betty in, found some buds and got so stinky that I was actually home and in bed by 1:00am! Some party animal I am!

Coming tomorrow!

I was featured as a cartoon character in an ad in this week’s Reader and tomorrow I’ll be posting a link to the PDF. Excitement!

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