Friday, August 22, 2003

Keep yer paws off my rawhide you damn, dirty dog!

At least that’s what I assumed Betty the Beagle was thinking last night when Spencer the Dog came over to visit and decided to make off with one of Betty’s rawhide bones. As a result this morning was filled with Betty running around the apartment “burying” and “re-burying” her arsenal of chew toys. In her head I think she was preparing to fend off any more enemy encroachment into her supply of toys.

Unfortunately I missed last night’s spectacle due to my attending the first of three sold-out Liz Phair shows here in Chicago. What did I think of Ms. Phair’s live performance? A full review will pop up over at Done Waiting in the next couple of days but lets just say she wisely avoided almost all of her new album and weighed the evening heavily towards past glories.

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