Thursday, March 03, 2005

Daft Punk are playing at your house because when they played at mine everything got, like, totally trashed.

Okay, the dogs just woke me up a full 45 minutes earlier than usual. Thanks you two. Ugh. So since I'm still groggy howzabout we just touch upon a fewmain points and then go mainline some coffee? Sound good to you?
  • The Windy City Roller derby girls rule. A crew of them came by and got all rowdy on Tuesday night. I noticed that they especially liked Photogal's DJ selections and responded with much whooping and dancing.
  • Actually both Photogal and Jenny Evil did an outstanding job spinning. They both pick great songs that I've usually forgotten about or would never think to spin. I love when that happens!
  • Hmmm, I've hit a mental wall here. There was more to say but I think my brain just stopped working.
  • Wow, that was weird. I literally can't think of anything to type other than the fact that I can't think of anything to type! Oh wait, here's something:


There, I knew there was something...

The above topic header should have probably gone here.

So Scenestars turned me on to the LCD Soundsystem b-side “Jump Into The Fire” and I returned the favor by letting ‘em know the song was actually a Harry Nilsson cover. Now however I want a nice quality copy of the tune all for myself since the one posted over at Scenestars is a lower bitrate than I can bring myself to listen to regularly. So if anyone has the song ripped at 192 kbps or higher can you send it to tankboy (at) gmail (dot) com? I looked for it on iTunes put apparently it ain’t available through them yet… (UPDATE: EJ set me up with a nice copy so that will tide me over until I can buy the track from iTunes. Thanks EJ!

…speaking of grandmas…

Since I tortured y’all with the picture¹ of the Evil Granny Gooch yesterday I figured I would help clean the collective palate by posting a photo of my own mother’s favorite grandson…my nephew!

¹I was thinking about this yesterday. If I was a girl and I owned a digital camera and I posted pictures of myself looking coyly into the camera I bet my site traffic would quadruple and my comments would fill up daily. Just a thought.

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