Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Super Duper Tuesday.

There are a truckload of great albums being released today. Most of them have been featured by Rudy and I at Ten56 over the past few months and tonight will be no different as we continue to spin the coolest of the cool. We will also spin a ton of as-yet-unreleased tracks by bands such as Fiona Apple, Beck, The Blood Arm, Caesars, The Cells, Electric Six, Heartless Bastards, Hot Hot Heat, Stephen Malkmus, Milk At Midnight, Nine Inch Nails, Panico, The Raveonettes, Sleater-Kinney and Spoon. As if that weren't enough I will also be trying to entice many of my co-workers to stop on by; since most of them are rarely in town and available when I DJ that should be an added bonus to the evening!

As usual, the free beer will flow from 8 until 9 and the music begins at 9 and goes until 2. And then I fall down. Smiling.

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